Will Barone, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist located in Berkeley, CA

Will Barone, PsyD

About Dr. Barone

Dr. Will Barone is a licensed clinical psychologist with extensive clinical and research experience focusing on anxiety, trauma, mood disorders, relationship issues, and addiction. He uses a Humanistic approach to therapy, which emphasizes warmth, authenticity, and appreciation for the uniqueness of every individual. His collaborative, integrative approach focuses on helping clients find an individualized course of treatment and using evidence-based tools to best meet their goals.

In addition to his clinical practice, he provides training, supervision, and consultation as a research psychologist, focusing on experimental therapies that could better support people with difficult to treat mental health conditions. He frequently lectures at conferences and universities about novel therapies and the future of mental health treatment.

Dr. Barone enjoys working with adults in Berkeley, and via telemedicine across the State of California.

Dr. Barone earned his masters and doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology at John F. Kennedy University and completed his postdoctoral fellowship as the Clinical Director of a residential psychiatric care facility. Dr. Barone received his bachelors degree in Biological Psychology at California State University, Chico.