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In contrast to traditional medicine, which uses a “one size fits all” approach, the goal of precision medicine is to tailor care to the individual patient’s needs. By integrating state-of-the-art neural, physiological, and behavioral assays, the goal is to offer preventative, diagnostic, and therapeutic strategies that are precisely tailored to each patient’s unique phenotypic profile.

Each of us responds to treatment in our own unique way. In the case of psychiatric medication, recent scientific discoveries have led to a new understanding of how a person’s genes impact how their body and mind respond to medication. Pharmacogenetic analyses allow our psychiatrists to tailor treatment to the individual patient, an approach that has been shown to yield faster improvement with fewer side effects. The Clinic psychiatry team employs a cutting-edge, economical and seamless approach to pharmacogenetics. DNA is captured with a simple cheek swab conducted in one of our offices. The sample is then sent for analysis and results are typically available within 1 week allowing your provider to choose the best medication for your body.

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